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How we got started

Tacrem started with the co-founders getting their first tattoo's and quickly falling in love with not only the art but the whole industry! We think everyone should be able to express themselves through tattoos so the process to get tattooed should be smooth for both the client and artist.

We started off exclusively for tattoo artists. Offering custom applications, digital waivers, reminder texts/emails, client profiles and everything else we could to make tattoo artists and shops life easier! The days of having to scroll through emails and social media messages are long gone - work smarter not harder, right?

We still offer all of those things in addition to a place to post flash designs and link your instagram/portfolio allowing you to grow your brand, let clients find you, and of course book with you!

Getting to work with so many amazing artists and seeing all of their unique tattoos combined with last minute free time we knew we had to make a better way for clients to get connected and inked!

With the Tacrem app it’s never been easier to find tattoos you love while discovering tattoo artists that fit your style! We are excited to help you find the perfect art/artist fit and help grow the amount of tattooed people in the process!

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