Schedule Appointments

With our appointment system you can easily see all your appointments including past and present. View your appointments for the day and see who they are with and why they are coming in. You can attach notes and we'll automatically attach the appointment to your clients profile.

Client Profiles

This is the hub of tacrem. Client profiles allow you to see all past appointments, projects, applications and images. You can easily attach new images for your client, view the original application form, schedule your next appointment or update the status on a piece of work!


With our application system you can completely customize your application form to only ask the questions that matter to you. You can embed your application form in your website or just post a link that we host for you in your instagram bio! After a prospective client submits the application form you'll get a notification and you'll be easily able to turn the applicant into a client without needing to enter any extra data!


Track each project on a client without mixing up why they are there or which reference images you should be drawing. Keep track of each piece of work with statuses so you can easily filter where they are at.


Decrease no-shows with automated text messages and emails that get sent out a day before the appointment with a quick reminder that their appointment is coming up. You can turn on or off either text message notifications or emails for each client as well!

Google Calendar

We integrate with Google calendar so when you create an appointment with us we automatically create one in your Google calendar. We create a separate calendar layer so you can easily turn the integration off or on! We also have a ical link available so you can use link your appointments with any program that accepts it!

Export your data

You never have to feel unsure about your data because you can at any time export all your account data. This includes client profiles, projects, images, appointments and applications!


Save all your images with us in the cloud that are saved in the original resolution. You can attach images to a specific client or attach them to a specific project! You can also upload any reference images sent to you.


Digital waivers that can be sent with your appointment reminders so your clients can sign them the night before.


Manage your shop with ease at Tacrem. You're able to see all of your artists activity and manage their bookings for them. They are still able to have their own forms and full access to only their account.

More features always being added

We really want to make a tool that is useful to tattoo artists so we are constantly listening to feedback and improving our product to make something that is awesome.

Let us do your office work so you can do what you do best: Art.

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