The Days Of Paper Are Gone For Tattoo Artists!

The Days Of Paper Are Gone For Tattoo Artists!

May 8, 2019

When was the last time you walked into your doctors office and they fumbled through charts to find your file? Hopefully a while ago because the days of paper are gone! Everything from medical files, rental leases, even loans are all powered by the good ole web! Everyone and their grandma seems to have at least one device or computer making the need for paper files obsolete.

Tacrem is here to fill the void for tattoo artists. By keeping all of your clients information in one place, in one app, so you’ll never have to go searching through your files or phone again. By letting your clients fill out our fully customizable form you can accept or deny the tattoo. Once accepted it’ll auto format into a Client profile. This is where you find contact info, appointments, pieces of work, original applications and waivers! Waivers? Yes waivers. No need to stand at the front as your client fills out a sheet of paper that you may or may not file. With Tacrem an automated text/email gets sent the day before the appointment to reduce no shows! Also in that message is a link to your fully customized waiver form including e-signatures. Even if you’re guest spotting or moving shops your waivers (and everything else) will follow you, taking up no more room than an internet tab on any device!

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