The Tattoo Industry And Software? Unheard Of!

The Tattoo Industry And Software? Unheard Of!

July 25, 2019

Software in the tattoo industry? Unheard of until about 2016 when artists started using online platforms to draw their designs digitally. Fast forwarding in the booming industry of tattooing with over 3/10 Americans sporting ink, there have been little advancements on the tech side of the businesses. Primarily, artists use social media and email to book clients, most records are kept the old fashioned way - paper.

With professional industries like hospitals and banks embracing digital records, the time has come for the over 4,000 year old world of tattooing to catch up. Becoming a tattoo artists is more popular than ever! With over 54,000 jobs in the US alone it’s not hard to see why people are drawn to the creative freedom that comes with being a tattoo artist. The only problem is no one signs up to draw full time expects to do office work.

Tattoo shops, studios, and solo artists now can now be more organized than ever. Keeping track of what colours where used on a multi session tattoo, attaching pictures of what needles were used on a client, and seeing at a glance if a deposit was paid, including how much, are just some of the small details that go a long way.

Tacrem handles all of office work for artists so they can focus on what they do best: art. With customizable features like applications, client profiles, electronic waivers, automatic appointment reminders, and integrations like Google and Square. Tacrem has everything you need as an artist to keep you organized!

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